Water sources for fracking operations plentiful, monitored

Water sources for fracking operations plentiful, monitored by Derek Clouthier, August 1, 2012, Cochrane Eagle
The average human being can survive without water for approximately three days under normal conditions, which is why it’s understandable that many want to ensure that our H2O supply is not only safe but plentiful. … Cochrane Lake and Dogpound Creek are two approved sources of water for energy companies working in the area to remove from. These two bodies of water, according to public affairs officer for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (the governing body tasked with reviewing applications for water extraction purposes) Carrie Sancartier, are experiencing ‘a lot of activity.’ “There are five companies that have temporary diversion licences for hydraulic fracturing purposes in 2012,” said Sancartier. “All temporary licences will expire before the end of September.” Sancartier said that each company holding a permit to extract water from Cochrane Lake and/or Dogpound Creek is authorized to take anywhere from 3,500-10,000 cubic metres of water during the term of their licence, and that permits can be issued for temporary diversions for a maximum of one year, or for a longer period of time depending on the project type. Alberta Environment does take several factors into consideration when determining whether a company can extract from a natural body of water. … The other source of water for energy companies conducting fracking operations is Cochrane’s bulk water station. … Though amounts can vary, the approximate quantity of water necessary to frack a bore well is anywhere from 4,542-13,250 cubic metres of potable water. The reason companies say they require clean, potable water as the base for the fluid they use to fracture the rock is because non-potable water does not react with several of the additives they add to the water; additives such as gelling agents, acetic acid, silica sand and carbon dioxide. Five companies with fracking operations in the Cochrane area form the Lochend Industry Producers Group (LIPG), and consist of Equal Energy, NAL Resources, PetroBakken Energy, Tamarack Valley Energy and TriOil Resources.

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