Water delivery needs to improve on Blood Reserve

Water delivery needs to improve on Blood Reserve by Raecine Chaboyer, Blood Tribe member, January 7, 2014, Lethbridge Herald
In Canada, clean water is a basic necessity of life. For many families on the Blood Reserve, it is a daily struggle to have clean water in their home. Blood Tribe Public Works does not deliver water on a regular basis. Many homes go without water completely or with very little water for weeks. These homes ration the water by reducing showering, dishes and laundry just to make the water last longer.

When residents call Public Works to ask for water, they are met with difficulties since no one is at the office and their messages are rarely returned. As a member of the Blood Tribe, I would like to improve the conditions for the people that live on the reserve. Since the current water delivery system is not working, I would like Blood Tribe Public Works to improve service by following a proper and efficient monthly schedule.

Having to go without water is cruel. I am not asking for a miracle, just a better service for my people. With a proper schedule, people of the Blood Reserve should receive water on a regular basis. [Emphasis added]

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