WATCH Risky Business – Al Jazeera’s report on Coalseam Gas [Coalbed Methane] in Australia

WATCH Risky Business – Al Jazeera’s report on CSG [CBM] in Australia 25 Min. January 14, 2013, by AlJazeeraEnglish
One day, the kids were having a bath, and they started screaming. And when Kathy pulled them out of the bath they had a ring-line at water level, everything below the water level was red, like a chemical burn.  Everything above the water was normal.  Some while later, we found out in fact that a gas well had been fracked about three and a bit kilometres away from us around that time.

Environmental Engineer Gavin Mudd, Monash University: We can’t just ignore all these things. It deserves very serious scrutiny, and certainly not bald-faced denial.

Drew Hutton, President The Lock the Gate Alliance: In many cases around the country, local communities have just simply withdrawn their social licences. … Somewhere between 10 and 20,000 landowners have locked their gate. And in many cases, that means committing civil disobedience. …

Leaking methane bubbling

Professor Steven Raine, University of Southern Queensland: In terms of the recovery of the aquifers, certainly they will take a long period to recover. The modelling that’s been done suggests that it could be anywhere 50 – 100 years is sort of the minimum sort of estimate, but in many cases we’re actually seeing models that are predicting the system may take three, four, 500 years before it fully recovers.

For such a squeaky green industry, they’re very very secretive. …

We’re feeling a little intimidated though.

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