WARNING “Natural” gas may be harmful to your health

WARNING “Natural” gas may be harmful to your health by the Allergy and Environmental Health Association – Nova Scotia, March 8, 1998
It is “the most important source of indoor air pollution responsible for generating illness [in 47,000 patients],” surpassing even pesticides or passive tobacco smoke. “For the chemically susceptible individual, this may be the worst form of fuel.” … Dr. Gerald Ross, M.D., President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, writes that, “Traditionally, natural gas is a pollutant chemical that can worsen both classical allergy and chemical sensitivity.” He further states, ” [patients with complex allergies and sensitivities] will have only limited success with their treatment programs, if they are living in a home that has natural gas or if they are in an area where there is natural gas transportation or leakage.” (3 Jan., 1997).

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