UK frac map shows extent of shale gas drilling about to begin despite earthquakes, safety and environmental fears

Ratepayers will foot the bill for ‘bribes’ by Fermanagh Herald, January 15, 2014

Half of UK ‘does not want fracking nearby’ by Bill Lehane, January 15, 2014, UpStream
Almost half of UK residents would not want hydraulic fracturing conducted near their home, a survey commissioned by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has found.

Steve Bell 14.1.14

Source: The Guardian

Fracking map shows extent of shale gas drilling about to begin despite safety and environmental fears by Martin Bagot, January 16, 2014, The Daily Mirror
The extent of shale gas drilling about to begin in England and Wales despite safety and environmental fears is revealed on a new map. Our graphic reveals where “fracking” wells could be situated now PM David Cameron has given it the green light. And he has said town halls will receive 100% of the business rates collected from schemes, rather than the usual 50%. Britain is rich in shale gas reserves and Mr Cameron told MPs just 7% of the fuel in the Bowland Basin in the North West could provide enough energy for 30 years. He said energy firms must explain more clearly how shale gas could be a source of “low-cost green energy”. He said: “There are a huge amount of myths being put around to frighten people about shale gas extraction – whereas we can see in the US it can be extracted safely and cleanly, providing effective low-cost green energy for homes and businesses.” Among the licences available up and down the country are 23 covering parts of Merseyside, Cheshire and much of Greater Manchester. Another 12 cover Humberside, 18 take in South Wales and more than 30 cover Nottinghamshire. [Emphasis added]

2014 01 16 Frac map England, heavily flooded areas to be heavily frac'd

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