Tories divided on methane

Tories divided on methane by Tony Seskus and Jason Fekete, Calgary Herald, November 18, 2006
“I think we’ve been on top of that issue sufficiently that we don’t need that,” said Morton, adding the province has made regulatory changes to monitor potential impacts on well water and taken action toward mapping Alberta’s aquifers to identify potential problems. “We’ve learned from the mistakes that were made in places like Wyoming,” he said. … “If you’re going to approach the issue, where would you start from? Well, you’d have to start from the fact that fresh water is more important than natural gas,” he said. “And if there’s a conflict between the two, fresh water should win out.” … Ed Stelmach, a rural MLA from northern Alberta, said the government has done some good work and that the industry appears to be slowing down. But he added people are waiting to learn more about CBM development, particularly with regard to water. Stelmach says in some areas set for increased activity, residents have to be made comfortable with it.

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