Tiny Wyoming Town Plays Big Role In Fracking Fight

Tiny Wyoming Town Plays Big Role In Fracking Fight by Pierre Bertrand, March 15, 2012 International Business Times
The Pavillion controversy began after Canadian energy company EnCana Corp. (NYSE: ECA) started drilling for natural gas several miles outside of town, said John Fenton, chairman of Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens, which is trying to hold the company accountable….”[The water] will put sores on your head,” Fenton said in an earlier interview with the International Business Times. “I still think it’s unsafe.”… Greg Ball, a conservative Republican state senator from suburban Brewster, about an hour’s drive north of New York City, and a staunch fracking foe, has called on lawmakers to extend New York’s de facto moratorium on permits. He says he is convinced fracking contaminated ground water in Bradford County, Pa., which borders New York. Ball said he hopes the study in Pavillion will prompt legislators to review where they stand. “This is important proof of what we’ve already seen,” Ball said, adding that he “would encourage all legislators to take the time to visit a fracking field and see these impacts firsthand.” Another New York Republican, state Sen. Jack Martins of Long Island, expressed his dim view of the industry. “When it comes to hydro-fracking, my philosophy is simple: We can’t let economics trump environmental safety,” Martins wrote in early March regarding a proposed ban on treatment of fracking water in New York. “I hope you’ll agree that protecting our water supplies is job one and that this bill merits your support.”

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