The People’s Forum on Fracking in Stephenville Newfoundland Presents: Environmental Scientist Jessica Ernst

Welcome Home to a “Natural Drilling Platform” by Jessica Ernst at the People’s Forum, September 22, 2013, Stephenville, Newfoundland

2013 09 22 Title Slide Welcome home to a Natural Drilling Platform

2013 09 22 Frac consequences the same

“What’s missing?”  Jessica asked the audience.

“Water contamination!” yelled the audience.

2003 Encana landman lie to Ernst

2004 03 2 Encana 5 14 27 22 W4M Fractured Rosebud Aquifers

2013 Jessica Ernst trying to load water tank at Rosebud

2013, Jessica still living without safe water: trying to load the water tank. Hard and heavy work for one person.

2013 09 22 Encana files statement of defence, they didnt frac the gas wells Encana data says they frac'dData in the above slides snapped directly from Encana’s data on file with the energy regulator (previously EUB, name changed to ERCB after the EUB was caught breaking the law and spying on innocent Albertans, name recently changed again to AER)

2013 09 12 NEB Onshore Frac Filing Reqments but only for the north, not for all Canadians

2013 09 22 Nfld Minister Marshall email to concerned citizen

2013 09 22 Where is Nfld government's contingency frac plan

Art work below (in the last slide) by Reed Weir, 2013

2013 09 22 Frac'ing Home last slide

2013 09 22 Stephenville, Jessica works her magic

2013 09 22 Stephenville People's forum audience

400 people attend fracking forum in Stephenville by Frank Gale, September 23, 2013, Newfoundland News Now

2013 09 22 People's Forum Stephenville Newfoundland signs 2

Frac’ing forum signs

Alberta scientist Jessica Ernst warns Newfoundland of fracking risk by Canadian Press, September 23, 2013, Common Sense Canadian

2013 09 21 Jessica at Potluck  - Port au Port West r

 September 21, 2013, Pot luck at Port au Port West Community Hall, Q and A

2013 09 20 Newfoundland People's Forum on Fracing looking out over Woody Point

September 20, 2013, Discovery Centre

2013 09 19 Jessica Ernst art gallery Discovery Centre Woody Point Newfoundland

September 19, 2013 Art Gallery, Discovery Centre, Woody Point

2013 09 20 Woody Point meet n greet

September 19, 2013, Woody Point meet ‘n greet

2013 09 20 Jessica Ernst loving Trout River Newfoundland company wanting to buy entire community to obliterate it for fracing

September 20, 2013, Loving Trout River. A company reportedly is trying to buy out the entire community to turn it into a frac pad. Trout River is bordered by Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2013 09 20 tea after touring Trout River Newfoundland

September 20, 2013, tea after touring Trout River, Gros Morne National Park

2013 09 19 Jessica Ernst touring Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland Shoal Point Energy Locations

September 19, 2013, touring Gros Morne National Park area planned frac locations

2013 09 19 Jessica Ernst touring Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland potential frac location Shoal Point Energy

2013 Making signs for the People's Forum in Stephenville Newfoundland

The People’s Forum Press Release by Port au Port / Bay St George Fracking Awareness Group, September 11, 2013
For Katherine Hoskins, co-chair of the organizing committee “we believe that Newfoundlanders will want to hear from someone who has first-hand experience with this controversial practice. We welcome everyone interested in hearing Jessica’s story and research to join us on September 22”.

frac free nfld

Events: What do you know about Fracking? How will it affect your community? “People’s Forum on Fracking” NFLD by Culture Foundation Native Expressions, August 12 2013

2013 Signs for the People's Forum in Stephenville Newfoundland

The People’s Forum on Fracking Presents: Environmental Scientist Jessica Ernst 
The Port au Port / Bay St. George Fracking Awareness Group invites you to attend a FREE lecture by internationally-recognized Environmental Scientist Jessica Ernst. … Her talk will address concerns about Black Spruce’s proposal to begin fracking in western Newfoundland. She will also speak about the hazards of fracking, including groundwater contamination. Ernst’s talk will be followed by a Q&A period.

The Fracked Future of Port au Port

Trout River residents demand answers about fracking by Paul Hutchings, May 02, 2013, The Western Star
William Lummis of Trout River said he has a bad feeling about the project. “I get people want jobs here, I understand the appeal but this is a small company doing risky drilling and it seems like they don’t have all the regulations in place to cover fracking,” he said. “Something is bound to go wrong and I have a feeling that Newfoundland will get stuck with it when something does go wrong.”

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