Test water before drilling begins, microbiologist says

Test water before drilling begins, microbiologist says by jeanne starmack, April 1, 2012, Vindy.com
Many resources are renewable, but groundwater is not one of them. If groundwater is tainted by pollution and an aquifer is ruined, it will recover — but not in our lifetimes, said John Stolz, a microbiologist and director for the Center for Environmental Research at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Aquifers can take hundreds or thousands of years to recover, Stolz said. … Besides a failed well’s being a conduit for fracking fluid, that fluid could also migrate upward through fissures and faults, Stoltz said. Even without the presence of fracking chemicals, drilling can ruin well water, he said. … Drilling can redirect an aquifer, he said, and that can result in a loss of water.

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