Talisman pledges $1.25 M to Mount Royal University

Talisman pledges $1.25 M to Mount Royal University by Amanda Stephenson, September 27, 2012, Calgary Herald
The Calgary company has pledged $1 million to help fund Mount Royal’s new Chair of Sustainability and the Environment. The position, which will be held first by Michael Quinn — currently an associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary — is a central tenet of Mount Royal’s new Institute for Sustainability and the Environment. … Mount Royal University president David Docherty said the institute offers a great way for Mount Royal to work together with the private sector on issues that matter to the community and the province. (In November, 2011, Encana made a $1.5 million donation in support of the institute.) … Bob Rooney, executive vice-president, legal and general counsel for Talisman Energy, said the company views the donation as an investment in its home community. He said research conducted at the institute could eventually translate into real-life applications for the oil and gas industry….

A new chairship for a new centre by Colin Brandt, Sept. 27, 2012, Mount Royal University
Dr. Michael Quinn was announced as the first Talisman Chair for Sustainability and the Environment. After a rigorous and competitive selection process [Oil and gas companies, notably Talisman, accepting Dr. Quinn as a good synergizer for them?], Goldberg was pleased to announce that the inaugural Talisman Chair for Sustainability and the Environment will be Dr. Michael Quinn, presently a professor in Environmental Systems Design at the University of Calgary and Director of Research and Chair of the Board for the Miistakis Institute for the Rockies.

Joining the Institute and Mount Royal beginning Jan. 1, 2013, Quinn’s academic history stretches across Canada, with time spent in research, education and field study in New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia and finally Alberta in 1997. Quinn’s focus is on a holistic model of the environment — one that takes into account all aspects of the natural world as well as the human forces that shape it.

“If we are interested in sustainability, we need to talk about what it is we are sustaining; both the physical world and the social systems that dictate how people interact with the natural world,” said Quinn. “By taking a systems view and not simply focusing on one individual component of the environment but understanding the connections between what it is we do and what it is we want we can make a significant impact.”

Speaking prior to the event, Goldberg was excited about the impact the new Chair will have on the Centre of Excellence as it begins operations. “Mike has already made a significant mark in terms of the environment and sustainability and has had extensive experience in research institutes. Being able to bring in someone who has his diverse skill set, but who also understands the local environment after 15 years of teaching in Calgary is an enormous asset to the Institute and the University.” [Emphasis added]

Talisman Energy announces $1.25M to fund Chair of Sustainability and the Environment at Mount Royal University Press Release Mount Royal University, September 27, 2012, econationtalk

Talisman Energy announces $1.25M to fund Chair of Sustainability and the Environment at
Mount Royal University

Talisman Energy Centennial Scholarship also created

During a brief ceremony held at Mount Royal University earlier today, Talisman Energy announced that it will be generously donating $1.25 million to the university with $1 million allocated as funding for the Chair of Sustainability and the Environment and the remaining $250,000 being used to create the Talisman Energy Centennial Scholarship.

Dr. Michael Quinn, associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary was named Chair of Sustainability and the Environment earlier this week. He will play an important role in the engagement of community, faculty and students in renewable resources and environmental research. Quinn will also be expected to continue engage in research addressing issues and environmental concerns of the people of Alberta.

“Supporting the Chair of Sustainability and the Environment will inspire new ideas, prompt innovation and take student learning and faculty expertise to even higher levels,” [aka synergize and brainwash them into how the oil and gas industry wants them to behave and think] Bob Rooney, Executive Vice President, Legal & General Counsel, Talisman Energy.

The Talisman Energy Centennial Scholarship recognizes academic achievement in second, third or fourth year Aboriginal students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. Students will be nominated by faculty for the Scholarship.

The inaugural recipient of this award for this fall is Leagh Vermeylen, who’s majoring in General Science.

“Supporting Aboriginal students in the Bachelor of Science program will help address Canada’s need for an educated and skilled workforce, and to establish Alberta as a leader in strategic areas of life sciences research, development and industry innovation,” says Rooney. [Emphasis added]

[Refer also to: Plenary Panel with Jessica Ernst and Peter von Tiesenhausen Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, October 12, 2012 Open to the public through MRU’s Ticketmaster $10.00 (plus GST)

“The Great Getaway: Secrets of a Frac Cover-Up” Jessica Ernst has spoken in public around North America concerning the dangers of fracking, having herself experienced these dangers as a result of fracking on her land near Rosebud, Alberta. A recipient of the UN’s Woman of Courage Award in 2011, and currently in litigation against Encana, Ernst will speak about four aspects of fracking culture and politics in Alberta: 1). breaking the law to frack in secret; 2). punishing citizens who ask questions; 3). investigating fracking without investigating in order to ensure that experiments continue; and 4). using Alberta Innovates to conceal public water testing data.

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