Tainted water lights fire under gas fears

Tainted water lights fire under gas fears by Hanneke Brooymans, December 13, 2005, Front page The Edmonton Journal
Nga de la Cruz, manager of the coal bed methane project for Alberta Environment, acknowledges the American problems. “But so far we really haven’t documented the migration of methane from a coal bed methane well (in Alberta),” she added.

Bob Curran, a spokesman for the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, said it’s possible for methane to migrate into a water well, but it’s extremely rare. 

Both de la Cruz and Curran said methane can also be created by bacteria in a poorly maintained well.

Ernst said she has her well treated annually with chlorine. [Emphasis added]

on cover of edm journal dec 13 2005 photo by chris schwartz

 Bandit, Magic and Jessica

Jessica’s water

Front Page photos by Chris Schwarz (taken December 6, 2005), Edmonton Journal

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