Synergy Alberta: ‘Free lunches’ for fracking the Karoo

‘Free lunches’ for fracking by The New Age Online, February 14, 2013
The anti-fracking lobby organisation Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG) has claimed that Shell is dishing out “free lunches” to communities in the Karoo to get buy-in for the exploration of shale gas in the Karoo. TKAG chairperson, Jonathan Deal, said they were aware of “underhand” meetings taking place in the Karoo where a select group of people were being invited by Shell to gain support for planned shale gas mining using the controversial hydraulic fracturing method. Deal said as an example, a meeting was held recently in Murraysburg, which was “well attended” by people informed in advance by a local municipal officer, but for which there was no public notice, although the meeting took place in a public space. He said Shell’s presentation at the meeting hardly contained new information or answers, and afterwards the gathering was treated to lunch. He said when presented with various opportunities in 2012 to present to an informed audience, Shell declined to appear. He said the company had also cancelled meetings with national environmental organisations “on learning that TKAG would be present”. [Emphasis added]

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