Steve Harper’s side flake, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, makes “worst people” of 2020 list. “Oil is over” and they know it but keep giving the industry billions of our dollars while enabling a viral murder spree with “Health” Minister Tyler Shandro in their lust to destroy public health care.

Subject: Kenney Takes First Prize All Across Canada!!
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 07:33:51 -0700
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We must all remember that Kenney is a Apostle of the federal Harper government!!  That should have been enough right there to scare most voters away from further interest in this thing —but not in Alberta–where cooked governments win first prize!!   It may take some time in this province to convince the local voters that straight-up honest leaders are a rare find-and should be cherished when discovered!!  And leaders that are undergoing an RCMP investigation and are graduates of the worst federal government in Canada—are not likely to make the best leadership candidates!!  If anyone in Alberta was still under the false impression that Harper had a government that was good for Alberta —-watching Kenney continue to fumble the ball in Alberta while being a graduate of the Harper school should convince any reasonable person!!  When we are given the opportunity to dump Kenney—we can be sure no other province in Canada will be offering him anything—so Alberta is his only hope—aren’t we lucky!!

Stewart Shields, Lacombe Alberta

Presenting the worst people, class of 2020 by Heather Mallick, Dec. 14, 2020, The Star

The Anti-Masker. This man towers over other passengers on the subway, sometimes with a mask under his chin, sometimes nothing. He wouldn’t do that one small thing for the rest of us, and now we’re all locked down. We should commemorate him with a Tomb of the Unknown Bro and yearly make offerings of our dirty old PPE.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. The political message of this silly man — silly in Ottawa, silly in Edmonton too — is that everybody hates Alberta and nobody invites Alberta to sleepover parties and everyone laughs behind Alberta’s back. He probably thinks the global green movement is only out to hurt Alberta’s feelings, and other countries are secretly guzzling Saudi and Nigerian oil in disguised water bottles. It’s not about you, premier, or the province. Oil is over, COVID-19 isn’t, and you are making a terrible mess of both.

Photo of poster on power pole in Edmonton

“Cut doctors pay during a pandemic.”

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro. I still say it’s a stage name. Shandro has a fatal quality for a politician: a knack for making enemies. It’s unfair for protesters to blockade a politician’s home rather than his office, and Mayor Tory has had to endure this viciousness in 2020. But it’s worse for a politician to go to a citizen’s house and protest rather than responding with a stern letter. Shandro did this to a doctor over a Facebook post he didn’t like. The man’s children were terrified. I would say Shandro is uncivilized, but it’s more a case of toxic masculinity — an unqualified man trying to shout and beat his way to success. It doesn’t work with the coronavirus, or Alberta’s angry doctors, or indeed anyone. He’s a COVID-19 foot-dragger passing himself off as a health expert and he should go back to his previous incarnation as city bus menace.

Adam Skelly. The owner of Adamson Barbecue is the chair girl of 2020. It’s all about him. He thinks it’s manly to break the law to sell his charred meaty comestibles, not realizing that other men, including restaurant owners, despise him. What is so glorious about urging customers to risk COVID-19 and then fan out across the city spreading sickness? Skelly made a name for himself. It’s not the name he hoped for.

Pierre Poilievre. No, Derek Sloan. OK, both. Poilievre is bully mean, Sloan is anti-vaxxer anti-gay mean. Every political party has its residue and these two MPs are it for the Conservatives. Party leader Erin O’Toole won’t boot them out because he’s too busy deploring elitist young people who leave their hometowns for the big city, thus creating an imaginary Canadian Appalachia that O’Toole hopes will bring him to populist power. It won’t. We don’t have the beards for it, nor the moonshine.

Meng Wanzhou. She is the chief financial officer of Huawei because her father, one of the world’s richest men, owns the company, and she radiates impunity. China’s communist government has punished Canada for arresting her — after a U.S. request — by imprisoning and torturing two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. Canadians daily watch Wanzhou leave one of her mansions to defend herself in court, which she can do because Canada is a civilized country. China is not, and daily lowers itself in our estimation. If Meng is innocent, why does China not tell her father to make her visit the U.S. and argue her case there? We’d like our hostages back.

The Worst Trumper of All: Ivanka. No, Jared. Wait, you’re right, Stephen Miller. Eric and Don Jr. Kimberly Guilfoyle for making shouting look bad. Kayleigh McEnany for bringing Basics back to Bros. Bill Barr. OK, Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani. He has done every dirty thing. But the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle in backlot Philadelphia was the worst. It’s not just him, it was his unpleasing eructations, the sweat he wiped off on his wife’s arm, the contents of his handkerchief he rubbed off on his face, the hair dye rolling down his jaws as he talked nonsense, the masks he never wore, and worse. It’s all on camera and I feel sick now.

Mark Zuckerberg. How did the absurd man with the Roman Emperor haircut do the world such damage?

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