Stephen Harper is blind to science

Stephen Harper is blind to science by Christopher Hume, July 13, 2012, The Toronto Star
Not only was the protest unprecedented, even extraordinary, it struck at the dark heart of the New Canada, a nation more interested in hiding the truth than understanding it, exploiting resources than conserving them. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to search-and-destroy the environmental movement has now been ratcheted up to the next phase; his government has launched a war against science itself, an attack on the collection and analysis of the very data that enable us to comprehend the world of which we are part and on which we depend. … The Tories’ latest campaign comes as no surprise; even before Harper won a majority in 2011, he made no secret of his dislike for inconvenient truths of any sort, environmental or otherwise. … Harper and his robo-ministers — especially Peter Kent in environment and Joe Oliver in natural resources — have been blunt: They will brook no opposition in their zeal to exploit the oilsands, build pipelines and empower the new robber barons.

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