Staying dirty

Staying dirty by Jessica Ernst, November 30, 2012, Calgary Herald  Re: “Seniors’ shower issue deserves serious response,” Don Braid, Opinion, Nov. 28.
I know how demeaning it is to shower only once a week. Since April 2008, when the government broke its 2006 legislature-made promise to provide “safe alternative water … now and into the future” to all adversely affected families suffering with explosive and toxic tap water in rural frac fields, I must haul my own.

It is too difficult for me to haul water in winter, so I often have less than one shower a week. It’s pure hell. Knowing that companies take profit out from under Albertans while keeping their frac chemicals secret, doubles the hell. Reading Don Braid’s column triples it.

It is one thing for the government to abuse a citizen like me seeking justice. It is horrifying and unforgivable for this government to abuse seniors when it gives multinational oil and gas companies so much.

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