Spain alters national rules to allow fracking and overrule regional governments such as Cantabria that voted unanimously with support from all political parties to ban fracking

Energy-poor Spain establishes friendly fracking rules by, November 1, 2013
The Spanish government has altered national rules for fracking in a bid to support economic growth in one of Europe’s most energy-poor nations. Spain imports about 99% of its oil and gas needs, and high energy costs have been a major obstacle to recovery after the country’s recent, devastating construction and housing bubble burst. … “Now, if a regional government prohibits fracking, that would be in conflict with this national law,” said environmental lawyer Abel La Calle. Seventy licenses have been given to explore for oil and gas in Spain. [Emphasis added]

[ Refer also to: Spain’s shale-rich northern Cantabria region unanimously voted to ban fracking, the law passed with support from all political parties

Cantabria becomes first region in Spain to ban fracking, PP premier submits bill to prohibit controversial gas-extraction technique

EU Consultation on Unconventional Fossil Fuels in Europe finds many respondents saying shale gas and other unconventional fossil fuels need to be kept out of Europe

Spanish earthquake in Lorca ‘triggered by groundwater extraction’, A major earthquake in Spain that killed nine people and destroyed hundreds of homes was triggered by groundwater extraction, a scientific study has found ]

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