Someone else suing the Hanky-Panky-infested AER? Will Steve Allan, Witchin’ Snitcher Collector, investigate?

Will Mr. Allan, Kenney’s Witch Hunt Inquiry Commissioner and previous Director of Compton Petroleum, investigate why the past AER Chair, Ms. Shiela O’Brian, sought “Board Legal Advice” from Mr. Glenn Solomon? (aka “take-the-money-and-potable-water through a tank-system-forever” when an oil company contaminates your drinking water, to make “you shut up” and “the regulators stay off our back” so that “we get to do it again down the street.”)

How much foreign funding was involved in paying Mr. Solomon’s fees?

Was Ms. O’Brien’s parking expense paid with any foreign funding?

The AER is 100% industry funded – how much of it is foreign?

Ms. Sheila O’Brian’s Jan-Mar 2019 Expense accounting on file at AER

Complete 4:43 Min of legal advice from Mr. Glenn Solomon

Mr. Glenn Solomon was AER’s outside counsel in ernst vs encana

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