Smelly Substance Rains Down on Keller Neighborhood

Smelly Substance Rains Down on Keller Neighborhood by Ashanti Blaize, July 8, 2012, nbcdfw
A malfunctioning gas well spewed a smelly mixture of salt water and natural gas into the air of a Keller neighborhood Monday evening. Resident Lindy Hall said she and her family were shocked when they saw the substance spewing out of the gas well about a football field away from her back yard. “Everybody was just going, ‘What is that? What is that?’ And we were watching the geyser,” she said. Encana, the company that manufactures the gas well, said a valve malfunctioned, sending the mixture into the air. Hall said it smelled awful. “When I saw the yellow drizzle coming down, we knew something wasn’t right,” she said. The next day, she discovered a shiny film on her plants, most of which were dying or wilting away, Hall said. “God knows what was in that stuff that they dumped in my yard,” she said. Hall said she wants to make sure the substance doesn’t have the same effect on her child and pets that it had on her plants. An Encana representative said the substance is not toxic. The company is investigating why the valve malfunctioned.

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