Save the Earth, stop fracking

Save the Earth, stop fracking by Morgan Stewart, Duquesne University student, N.Y., Oct 17, 2019, Pittsburgh Gazette

The Oct. 13 Insight article “Gas Developers Bank on Report to Prevent Fracking” by Steve Bittenbender draws much needed attention to the issue of fracking. Fracking is having a detrimental effect on the Earth that many are choosing to ignore as to profit off the lucrative gas market. The natural gas developers in Pennsylvania who are hoping to “squelch” the potential ban on fracking are the very people profiting off the pollution of the Earth.

The Delaware River Basin that they are contaminating with the chemical byproducts of fracking provides water to millions of people, thus creating a substantial health concern.

The fracking industry must be stopped to preserve the Earth along with the people on it.

Along with polluting drinking water, fracking is a large contributor to existing environmental concerns. The methane that is released from fracking traps heat in the environment which contributes to poor air quality and accelerates the heating of the Earth.

As if this weren’t enough, fracking also exponentially increases the potential for oil spills that harm surrounding vegetation. Although fracking may be a cost-effective method to increase gas supply, the contamination of the surrounding environment outweighs this potential benefit. The Earth is deteriorating too quickly to tolerate such a defect, we must focus our time and efforts in finding other environmentally safe resources.

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