Radioactive water from Lancashire fracking site

Radioactive water from Lancashire fracking site by, June 7, 2013
It has been revealed that water used in fracking in Lancashire became contaminated with radioactive material. John Arnott from the Department of Energy and Climate Change made the admission about the gas extraction method, to Preston Council’s Environmental Scrutiny Panel. … Mr Arnott said: “Flow back water from the site in Preesall was mildly contaminated with radioactivity.” He said it was “relatively common in old rocks”, and that while the water would not be suitable for drinking, it was not hazardous.” Councillor Nicholas Pomfrett questioned how the water was safely disposed of. Mr Arnott explained that discharge is treated with a substance that solidifies the radioactive components, which are then filtered off. He added that he would not expect fracking water to reach the water table. [Emphasis added]

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