Quebec oil and drinking water: Gaspé is getting impatient

Oil and drinking water: Gaspé is getting impatient  Translation by Les Ami(s) du Richelieu, February 14, 2014, of Pétrole et eau potable: Gaspé s’impatiente
While the Marois government is promoting oil prospecting, the mayor of Gaspé is loosing his cool. “We are tired of patching holes that the government does not want to deal with”, said Daniel Côté, impatient that Quebec votes in a regulation on drinking water. The city bylaw will no longer be force of law [on] March 12, deadline for the City to appeal. Between now and then, the government must act, says Daniel Côté, and sooner than that if an election campaign is launched between now and then. The government has many solutions, says the mayor. … The Environment Minister also has the power to approve the Gaspé bylaw and thus validate it, adds the mayor. “It would be simple, fast and efficient.”

“The government could also reassure us by extending the fracking moratorium to Haldimand (already in place for the St. Lawrence Lowlands).” … If Quebec does not act, Mayor Côté does not know what will happen after this ruling. “We don’t feel like doing that (appealing) at all.” On the other hand, he says he cannot “let the population down”, because it could end up with no protection from a regulation on drinking water. [Emphasis added]

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