Premier says he’ll use own antennae to gauge support for AEUB

Premier says he’ll use own antennae to gauge support for AEUB by The Canadian Press, September 27 2007, Business Edge News Magazine
EDMONTON — Premier Ed Stelmach says he’ll use his own “political antennae” to gauge whether public confidence has been restored in Alberta’s energy and utilities regulator after a spying scandal. Stelmach has repeatedly said it’s paramount that Albertans have full confidence in the Energy and Utilities Board, a quasi-judicial body that approves power lines and major energy projects. The board was forced to disband its security unit last week after a report by a retired judge found it “repulsive” that private detectives eavesdropped on citizens involved in power line hearings. Alberta’s privacy commissioner also found that these plainclothes security officers violated privacy laws. The premier says he plans to measure public support for the regulator based on e-mails and personal conversations with Albertans “in every corner of the province.” He also says it will be up to the board’s new interim chairman to “bring forward all changes that are necessary to ensure continued confidence in the board.”

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