PA: Another frac water truck spills.

Driver injured, fracking water spilled in Saturday tanker truck crash by First News Now, Jan 17, 2021,

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – Motorists were advised that the Route 15 northbound entrance ramp (Exit 29 – Mansfield) from Route 220 northbound in the City of Williamsport, Lycoming County was closed due to a single-vehicle accident on Saturday morning, January 15, 2021.

The accident involved a tanker truck carrying frack water. The tanker truck traveled off the Route 15 North off-ramp and went over an embankment. The truck came to rest after it rolled over around 8:50AM, FNN was told by a motorist.

Firefighters worked for nearly a half hour to free the driver from inside the tanker truck.

The driver of the tanker truck was transported to UPMC Williamsport Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

It was reported that the fracking water had leaked out of the tanker and onto the ground. Because of the leak a representative from the state Department Environmental Protection responded to the crash scene.

A detour was set up using Route 220 northbound, Maynard Street, Route 220 southbound, 15 northbound, according to PennDOT.

The road was closed for several hours as crews worked to contain the spill and remove the tanker truck.

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Alberta ultra disturbing: 70 per cent (160/232) of commercial vehicles fail inspection; 42 per cent (98/232) **taken out of service** for failing safety issues! How many would fail if inspected in frenzied frac fields and traveling to them?

Frac truck tip over and spill in Town of Fox Creek:

None of us frac-harmed know what toxic chemicals are in the spilled brews, or in our drinking water aquifers after frac’ers illegally frac them. First responders and workers don’t know either.

Oil patch workers, including truckers hauling flammable and or toxic products, often speed and drive recklessly. I’ve witnessed it regularly. One way to reduce the number of toxic frac spills and deadly accidents, is to make workers slow down, and respect the rules of the road. But, the oil patch wants to get away with whatever they want, and our oil-soaked politicians and police help them get away with it.

When Encana/Ovintiv was at the peak of their frac boom in my community of Rosebud, Alberta, during Herr Harper’s hideous reign, there were endless incidents of dangerous driving by Encana workers, including speeding through our playground zone. The community raised alarm; Encana hired a crew to do speed checks and management twisted the results to blame local residents. I spoke to the crew gathering the data, moments after this incident: One Encana worker was clocked going 80km/hr through the 30 km/hr playground zone in thick fog, seconds after a little girl had crossed the highway to catch her school bus. The data collector was still visibly shaken when I spoke to him.

I called our local RCMP to come once a month for an hour or two, to ticket law-violating Encana trucks. Once word got around, I knew the dangerous drivers would smarten up, fast. The RCMP refused, told me that Premier Ralph Klein did not allow them the time or funding to do that (yet, Harper’s anti-terrorist RCMP squad had lots of time and money to drive from Calgary to my home in Rosebud to try to terrify me silent, and try to bully me into giving them the contact information of every Albertan that had called me for help – I think for the RCMP to give to Encana with which to go and harass those poor frac-harmed families).

Next, I called Transport Canada to ask them to install “Playground Ahead” and “Playground” warning signs on the steep hill coming into Rosebud, to slow Encana down, to try to reduce risk to our residents, notably children (at the time, the playground was immediately to the right of the highway in photo below, no fence).

Transport Canada refused, telling me they cannot slow oil companies down – that would interfere with the economy (the primary Jesus in Alberta). When I persisted, they told me they were not “allowed” to get oil patch workers into trouble or make any lose their licence because of too many demerits. I was told they were especially not allowed to inconvenience Encana.

Encana illegally installed their own 30km/hr signs in front of Transport Canada’s signs, which of course did not slow their workers down:

After I showed this photo in one of my talks, Encana sheepishly took their illegal signs down. We never did receive any playground signage, even though we were frac’d to hell and back.

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