Ottawa maintains right to intervene in shale

Ottawa maintains right to intervene in shale by Mike De Souza, Postmedia News, June 16, 2011
The federal government is paying attention to shale gas exploration in Canada and is prepared to intervene against any toxic threats, Environment Minister Peter Kent said Thursday. … “Indeed, the federal government has an interest and can involve itself when a threat is perceived and reported,” Kent told the House of Commons. “Environment Canada is responsible for regulating toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and where required, we will intervene.” … “Hydraulic fracturing is very controversial and few studies have been done,” Leslie said. “The fracturing requires enormous amounts of water mixed with very toxic chemicals. However the government doesn’t require companies to divulge the nature of the products used. This toxic mix injected underground could contaminate groundwater and, of course, waterways.” … “Research is being conducted,” Kent added, without specifying whether his own department was working on any studies.

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