New Groundwater Study Exposes Deep Folly of Fracking

New Groundwater Study Exposes Deep Folly of Fracking by Wenonah Hauter, August 10, 2012, Common Dreams
Nothing shows the dangerous connection between drought and fracking more than the study released by the journal Nature this week, which shows groundwater demand is exceeding supply, particularly in agricultural zones. Not only is the oil and gas industry turning our rural areas into sacrifice zones, it is also diverting water that is needed to grow food. Drilling and fracking is not only a threat to water quality — it also uses massive amounts of water, removing much of the water used from the water cycle altogether. Unbelievably, even during horrendous drought conditions, oil and gas companies are able to continue using our freshwater resources while communities pay for pricy technologies…. On September 22, these communities will join together for a global day of action to tell decision makers around the world that fracking should be banned.

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