Most apt legal quote of 2020. Prof Emmett Macfarlane on Canada’s top court: “The Supreme Court is a political institution.”

It’s a breath of fresh air to read frankness from a Canadian prof about our top court, which pissed on our Charter and intentionally published (and distributed to media) fabricated facts (lied) to enable public health-harming frac’ing and let Alberta’s 100% industry-funded energy regulator, the AER, get away with violating my Charter rights. An ego-filled political ruling: 7/9 Supreme Court judges involved were appointed by the anti-Canada, anti-environment, anti-Charter, misogynist, racist, bigoted, pro-big-oil, law-violating Harper govt.

Emmett Macfarlane@EmmMacfarlane Prof of Political Science. Constitutional Law, Public Policy & Canadian Politics. Dec 29, 2020:

The Supreme Court is a political institution.

(Answering: Markus Eichhorn@markus_eichhorn If students only retained one sentence from your lectures, what would you want it to be?)

David Minkley@david_minkley Replying to @EmmMacfarlane

The Canadian Supreme court?

Wash your hands and Wear a Mask@RebootRobertson Replying to @EmmMacfarlane

It’s a sad thought because it is true.

James@James23094522 Replying to @EmmMacfarlane

I remember when I said that in a seminar and everyone thought I was unduly questioning the integrity of the court, and I was like the myth around the seperation of law and politics is a modern shilobeth. Non partisan isn’t non political.

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In America too.

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