More claims made for gas extraction damage

More claims made for gas extraction damage by dutchnews, February 05, 2013
Householders in Groningen have made a further 200 claims for damages against natural gas extraction company NAM over the past week, news agency ANP reports. The new claims follow widespread publicity about the impact of gas extraction from massive underground reserves in the province and the risk of heavier earthquakes. NAM says it has already received some 2,500 damages claims and has processed 500 of them. ‘We are doing this in a simple, decent way,’ NAM director Bart van de Leemput told local broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland.

Richter scale
Last week, an economic affairs ministry report said gas extraction may cause earthquakes of between 4 and 5 on the Richter scale, not up to 3.9 as earlier thought. Locals say the €100m which NAM has set aside to prevent damage to vulnerable buildings is not nearly enough. [Emphasis added]

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