LISTEN: Scott Vaughan on his time as Canada’ environment watchdog

LISTEN: Scott Vaughan on his time as Canada’s environment watchdog by The Current, March 18 2013, CBC
“One issue on data gaps,…you know shale gas, my colleagues asked the federal government…what chemicals are being used on shale gas, and do they pose a risk to human health and the environment. We told parliament that right now the federal government doesn’t have a very good idea of that. But, what I thought was discouraging, is…in me posing that question, I was called an environmental extremist both by Tom Flanagan on a CBC show and the National Post and I think that was a reflection of some of the bullying – unfortunately – that some environmental groups experienced in asking basic questions about what is the state of Canada’s environment.” …

“….I guess that’s why you mentioned earlier that to be accused of being a radical when you point out the facts, must’ve…smarted.”

“I think what smarted with me about that phrase was, I’ve seen too many other community-based groups right across this county working on environmental protection to safeguard children, to…shield infants from toxins, from carcinogens … they’ve been called radicals. I don’t take this at all personally, but I’ve seen a pattern of bullying and that’s what I find is extremely disturbing.” … “It also makes me appreciate how important it is for public participation, for engagement with civil society, for transparency in any environmental program, to build up trust and avoid name calling.” [Emphasis added]

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