LIPG strives to put fracking concerns to bed

LIPG strives to put fracking concerns to bed by Derek Clouthier, February 29, 2012, Cochrane Eagle
“From our perspective there’s no evidence that fracking is related to fresh water contamination,” said LIPG chairman Lance Berg, claiming that 167,000 wells have been fracked in Alberta over the last four to five decades without such an incident. … “Oil companies need to ensure we have a casing across the surface for potable water zones, which in this area goes down as deep as between 300-600 metres,” he said. “We’re effectively sealing all those sub-layers of zones for the potable water so there’s no contamination further when we drill a well deeper. … Erickson emphasized the responsibility his industry has with regards to compliance with all regulations. “We have to follow protection of health, the environment and people.” … The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) demands a minimum surface casing depth in this area of 265-290 metres with an average target-zone depth of 2,200 metres

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