Legislative committee interrogates Wyoming’s baseline water testing rule, limits testing to only half a mile of wells when wells can extend miles underground

Legislative committee interrogates Wyoming’s baseline water testing rule by Stephanie Joyce, September 30, 2013, Wyoming Public Media Governor Matt Mead proposed the rule, which would require water testing before and after drilling. Industry estimates it would cost $9,000 to $18,000 per well. The governor’s natural resources policy advisor, Jerimiah Rieman, told legislators it’s worth the cost. “From my perspective, it’s pretty cheap insurance for the companies,” Rieman said. “It’s pretty cheap for the state to have a rider on that policy.” … Senator Chris Rothfuss asked why the rules limit testing to within a half-mile of the well pad, when many horizontally-drilled wells can extend miles underground. [Emphasis added] [Refer also to: CAPP [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] 2012 VOLUNTARY, UN-ENFORCEABLE Hydraulic Fracturing Operating Practice: BASELINE GROUNDWATER TESTING About 171,000 wells have already been frac’d in Alberta, ensuring any data collected will not be “baseline” Domestic water wells within 250 metres of the wellhead, or as required by regulation, will be tested once prior to drilling of shale gas, tight gas or tight oil wells. [Emphasis added]

2013 10 01 screen capture from #3 CAPP Hydraulic Fracturing Operating Practice- Baseline Groundwater Testing

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