Judicial Review: Engineering consultant Kurt Kure and Toronto lawyer Donald Bur in court fighting Altalink and Alberta Surface Rights Board’s forced Right of Entry Order

Judicial Review: Engineering consultant Kurt Kure and Toronto lawyer Donald Bur in court fighting Altalink and Alberta Surface Rights Board by Paul Cowley, September 3, 2014, Red Deer Advocate

2014 09 03 Judicial Review, Engineering consultant Kurt Kure and his Toronto lawyer Donald Bur fight Altalink in court; Alberta Surface Rights Board forced Right Entry Order

Why are Alberta landowner vs energy lawsuits represented by out of province lawyers?

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The EUB Mocks the Judicial Process [The EUB previously “regulated” what the AUC now does. After the spying scandal, the government split the EUB into the AUC and ERCB.  After the Ernst lawsuit, the Alberta government turned the ERCB into the AER.]

Landowners group says spying episode puts energy board’s neutrality into question

AEUB credibility on the line, Alberta Premier defends EUB spying on landowners

Landowners intend to bring legal action against the EUB for spying on them and intruding on solicitor client privilege

Premier Stelmach endorses the indefensible

Private Investigator posing as landowner was the worst, Spying on citizens casts a smothering pall of bias on any AEUB decision

Spying for the AEUB

EUB coverup shocking, Prove to be inept at spying and lying

Landowners group says spying episode puts energy board’s neutrality into question

EUB must be investigated now

Spying by AEUB to be investigated

And then there were six!

Full Criminal Investigation of the EUB requested [The AEUB/ERCB/AER and AUC have changed in name and deregulation only. Their spots remain the same]

New FOIP documents confirm the EUB hired Private Investigators in past EUB proceedings

‘Whitewash’ report reignites call for inquiry

EUB chairman disbands controversial security unit

EUB scraps security unit, Board-hired investigators spied on landowners

EUB purge, Security unit scrapped, members fired for EUB spying scandal

EUB still flawed

Taxpayers Pick up Portion of $22,000 EUB Spy Bill without Explanation

A controversial electricity transmission line and charges of spying zap the reputation of Alberta’s energy regulator

EUB lawyer pushes an Alberta Senior with cancer at EUB then ERCB soon to be AER Hearing in Red Deer Alberta 2007 10 22 Can Bus Mag Nikiforuk EUB Spying

What really happened

The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report

Royal Society of Canada Report Page 103 on EUB now ERCB soon to be AER Spying on Albertans Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 11.59.25 AM

Trouble brews at renewed hearings on Alberta transmission line, Intervener files for adjournment pending court ruling

Five years after a shocking spy scandal derailed hearings, Calgary-based Altalink is making a new bid for approval of a $1.4-billion north-south electricity transmission line, a project that has caused major political headaches for the Conservative government.

Alberta Bill 2: More deregulation for the oil and gas industry and hydraulic fracturing

Alberta MLAs endure allnight standoff to pass controversial energy bill, Alberta Introduces New Energy Regulator

Petro-state politics prompts CSIS to spy on citizens at alarming rate, FOIs reveal

Canadian spies met with energy firms, documents reveal, Government agency that allegedly spied on Brazil had secret meetings with energy companies

“Sickened” by Harper government spying

Canada’s spy agencies chastised for duping courts; CSIS deliberately breached its “duty of candour” to the courts

Chuck Strahl, CSIS Watchdog Chair, Federal Former Reform-Conservative MP, Registers As Northern Gateway Lobbyist

Canada’s spy agency admits it spies on Canadians ‘incidentally’

Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) illegally spied on Canadians; Harper government insisted CSEC never spied on Canadians

Complaint filed over alleged illegal searches of private information on Northern Gateway pipeline opponents by RCMP, CSIS and handing the information over to oil companies and Canada’s national energy regulator

Meet ASSIST: Alberta’s very own Spy Agency, “Alberta Security and Strategic Intelligence Support Team;” Did ASSIST break into Carmen Langer’s home and steal his files?

And don’t forget the secret editing of Dr. Alec (Alexander) Blyth’s “independent” reports dismissing the water contamination cases in Alberta frac fields: “Disgust with AB Research Council Report goes beyond Alberta” published as “The Stelmach two-step” ]

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