Is Idaho’s clean drinking water being threatened?

Is Idaho’s clean drinking water being threatened? by Liz Amason, May 20, 2011, examiner
The modern methods of drilling for natural gas has become controversial and of great concern in several states throughout the country. Now, those same controversial methods are being initiated in the great State of Idaho. The reason for the outcry is due to potential contamination of ground water by a method that is known as fracturing or “fracking”. … Gasland, Special Jury Prize winner for Best US Documentary in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, provides an eye-opening account of the process of fracturing. Additionally, the consequences suffered by public of disease, death, and ignitable drinking water are compelling. Gasland includes filmed documentation of ground drinking water that not only smells of natural gas, but can be lit on fire by the touch of a flame. There are interviews with landowners and even an EPA employee, recounting the horrific health and environmental hazards in areas where the hydraulic fracturing methods have been utilized.

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