International opposition to fracking

International opposition to fracking by Emma Lui, June 26, 2012,
As people across Canada fight fracking in their communities, it is inspiring to know that there is a thriving international movement fighting fracking along side them. … As many examples indicate in the United States, Canada, England and elsewhere, the exploitation of shale gas has lead to countless cases of chemical and toxic pollution, violations of human rights, health consequences for the populations, the wasting of drinking water, destroying lands, earthquakes, hazardous air pollutants leading to poor air quality and major greenhouse gas emissions. … Following the civil society mobilisations, especially the protests of local people most directly concerned, victory has been gained across the world with hydraulic fracturing being forbidden in hundreds of places on our planet. To amplify these mobilisations, we engage ourselves to: Reinforcing the coordination of our actions at international level; Strengthen the alliances and solidarity between international, national and local movements; Work on a process at the international level to hold frackers legally accountable;

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