Ian Jessop interviews Jessica Ernst on Encana’s shoddy incomplete mess of a document filing and other matters


Is this why Jim Prentice jumped into Alberta politics?  

2015 16 Jim Prentice 2015 Alberta budget gives Oil Gas Frac Industry 250 Million dollars from taxpayers for AER operations

Snap above from Prentice’s 2015 austerity slash and burn education and health budget, but give plenty to the oil and gas industry!~

This snap below taken from the AER’s website on April 13, 2015:

2015 04 13 snap taken of AER's statement, 100 per cent industry funded

If the AER is a corporation, completely funded by the oil and gas industry, why is Prentice fronting it public money to operate while slashing health and education?


ERCB becomes the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

REDA is born, complete with the Ernst clause

Redford puts Encana’s Gerard Protti into position as Chair 

The oil and gas and frac industry is given control of Alberta’s fresh water

$154.4 AER operating costs to be fully paid for by industry.

2013 04 30 REDA Question on 154.4 Million dollar AER budget 100 per cent industry funded snap


ERCB Operations: 

Taxpayers paid $47 million; industry $112.7

2011 ERCB Admin fees, 112.7 Million Industry Levy, 47 Million Alberta govt grant

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