How Mass Lawsuits Could Change the Oil and Gas Industry

How Mass Lawsuits Could Change the Oil and Gas Industry by Dave Fehling, May 1, 2012, State Impact Texas
Houston Lawyer Anthony Buzbee: “The new way of going about it is massive, massively large cases like the one in Texas City ” “It’s saying a lot that these people who’ve put up with so much have finally decided the state is failing us, the EPA is failing us, we’re going to try to do it ourselves through the court system,” Buzbee said in an interview with StateImpact Texas. … “That principle of bringing a bunch of people with small claims into a class action is nothing new but it is a little bit more unusual in this context for an environmental tort,” said Jeffrey Rensberger, an expert on class action litigation at South Texas College of Law in Houston. … Called “Poisoned Places”, the series of reports highlighted communities exposed to toxic pollutants and showed how much was known by the government and “how little it has done to address it.” Buzbee said his mass lawsuits will accomplish what government regulators have failed to do.

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