‘Heads must roll’

‘Heads must roll’ by Jim Farrell, August 17, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
The NDP, which obtained the documents under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, are calling for the resignation of three of the board’s directors. Among the documents is an e-mail dated May 9 that outlines how a Calgary private investigation firm had been contracted to “provide intelligence gathering and observation for what takes place inside the (Rimbey Community Centre).” The message was sent to the EUB’s chief of security by the company that supplied the private investigator. The message was copied to board directors John Nichol, Ian Douglas and Graham Lock. In previous statements to the press, an EUB spokesman said the three only learned of the hiring of private investigators after a landowner unmasked one of those investigators on June 8. … “The EUB has stated that they did not direct private investigators to spy on landowners opposed to Altalinks 500 Kv line. These documents tell a different story.” … “Mr. Mason is absolutely right to call for the removal of these three individuals (the EUB tribunal). But it is my view that the premier should go one step further and ask that Mr. Knight step aside as minister,” Hugh MacDonald said. “When a governmental organization spies on the citizens they are supposed to protect, you have a problem and the minister must accept responsibility,”

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