Happy Encanada Days: 12 Year Anniversary Encana Violating Ernst’s Legal Right to Quiet Enjoyment of Home and Land

2003 Frac'd life for Ernst begins with noise, non compliant Encana noise

Slide from Ernst presentations

2004 Encana's non compliant noise at Rosebud

The “Best Regulator in the World” AER (then EUB, later ERCB) reduced Encana’s non-compliant noise levels (yellow highlight above) more than 10 decibels (dBA) to make them compliant (refer to EUB letter below) and enable Encana’s abuses and legal rights violations to continue, year after year after year, into the second decade now:

2005 03 01 EUB falsifies and enables Encana's non compliant noise levels at Rosebud

“World Class” AER (then EUB) bullied, covered-up, lied and violated Ernst’s Charter rights instead of regulate law-violating Encana:

2005 11 24 EUB now AER Jim Reid Charter violating, banishment letter, judging Ernst criminal without evidence or charges instead of regulate law violating Encana

2005 11 24: EUB (now AER) manager Jim Reid banishment letter to Ernst, judging her a criminal and threat to staff and the public without any evidence, no police charges, no fingerprinting, no arrest. “Best in the world” indeed – for Encana.

Encana’s first straw bale wall rotting around the company’s 7-13 law violating compressors2013 06 Criminalize fracing Encana 7-13 compressors at Rosebud AlbertaEncana’s second straw bale wall in 2013

The second wall is rotting too; Encana’s noise, air pollution and law violations continue.

2005 05 26 EnCana compressors at Rosebud2004 Multi Encana compressors near Rosebud2005 05 26 Encana compressors NE Rosebud

Above are some Encana compressors around Rosebud. All photos (except those with Encana’s non-noise mitigating, rotting, AER-Enabled straw bale con wall) are of different compressors. Noise regulations violated by Encana, enabled by Protti and AER.

Air pollution (nitrous oxides, ground level ozone, mystery toxic chemicals) not mitigated or monitored, enabled by Protti and AER.

Welcome to Alberta’s new Responsible (?) Energy Act and Energy Regulator (?) chaired by Ex-Encana VP Two-Steak Gerard Protti

Source: FrackingCanada The Ernst Clause

Is Protti secretly still on the Encana/Cenovus payroll? How many stock options?  How may Prairie Sky stock gifts?  How many regulator favours given daily to Encana and Cenovus?

What’s the Harper connection and how many billions in liabilities hung on Canadian citizen shoulders?

2013 10 18 Stephen Harper says Canadian families deserve the cleanest water

Or Campbells, Zimmermans, Jacks, Hawkwoods, Rosebud Hamlet, Ernst …

2014 12 20 Alberta lengthy court delays 'totally unacceptable' Court of QB Chief Justice Niel Wittmann

Click on image to read entire article

Source: FrackingCanada The Ernst Clause

canadian shame

Happy Encanada Days!  Since the EPA admitted in their 2015 frac report that Rosebud’s aquifers were fractured and water wells contaminated with natural gas, Encana’s 7-13 compressors have been the most annoying, undulating, loudest heard by Ernst yet.

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