Groundwater Quality

Groundwater Quality Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Linking Water Science to Policy Workshop Series. Report No.2, 52 pages. Crowe, A.S., K.A. Schaefer, A. Kohut, S.G. Shikaze, C.J. Ptacek. 2003

Given that little is known about the long-term integrity of concrete seals and steel casings in 600,000 abandoned hydrocarbon wells in Canada, the study stated that the oil and gas industry’s future impact on groundwater could be immense. The report concluded that unconventional natural gas drilling such as coalbed methane (CBM) poses a real threat to groundwater quality and quantity, and that the nation needs “baseline hydrogeological investigations…to be able to recognize and track groundwater contaminants.” [Emphasis added]

2002 Dr John Cherry in CCME report Huge gaps No strong incentives to avoid groundwater contamination

2014 04 30 CCAs Dr John Cherry Ignored His own 2002 CCME report Chapter 4 laws regs weak, lack of enforcement

2002 CCME report chapter 4 by dr john cherry hilted

Above from the 2002 CCME Report Groundwater Quality

2014 05 24 Ernst Presentation at Courtenay CCA report John Cherry Ted Morton

Slides from Ernst presentations in 2014

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