Greta makes history in Edmonton Alberta leading thousands; “War Room” Premier Jason Kenney runs away, showing the world his true colours. “Those pigtails are pretty intimidating.” 10,000 – 12,000 citizens rally at the legislature, drowning out 30 pro-oil honking driving UnitedWeRollers

Brava Greta!

Bravo Alberta! I didn’t know you had it in you.

A few tweets about the event:

Jason J. Mudry‏ @JasonJMudry

This kid is excited to be rolling out of Red Deer early tomorrow to support @GretaThunberg. We’re also picking up her Nana on the way. So young and old, that’s three generations of Albertans who believe the science!

Sandy Garossino‏ @Garossino

I reported this tweet & you should too. The linked video shows the hotel exterior & other identifying details that dox location & travel arrangements of a teenage girl. This user should be banned, @TwitterSupport @jack

Chris Turner‏Verified account @theturner Chris Turner Retweeted Sandy Garossino

This would be the point where a provincial government with any functioning moral compass at all would want to intervene with a clear public condemnation of such reckless, threatening and despicable behaviour

Sandy Garossino‏ @Garossino

Of course Rebel media accosts Greta Thunberg in her Edmonton hotel, shows its exterior and other identifying details. Aka doxxing her location. Meanwhile Canadian media defend them as journalists.

Ben Rutgers‏ @BenRutgers

Ethical Oil doesn’t harass a 16 year old woman in a hotel hallway at night

Derrick O’Keefe  🌹 🌱‏Verified account @derrickokeefe

Background on the creep harassing teenager Greta Thunberg at her hotel

THE ALT-RIGHT, Rebel Media reporter worked for white supremacist web store, Keean Bexte identified as one of the operators of Fireforce Ventures

Gil McGowan‏ @gilmcgowan Retweeted Stéphanie Rousseau

About 12,000 people gathered to hear @GretaThunberg today. In Edmonton. Alberta. And they were Albertans, not “foreign-funded radicals.”

Freedom Eagle‏ @FreedomEagleAB

Not pictured: Premier of Alberta who’s hiding in his office on the other side of the building watching his $200,000 a year twitter troll tape signs in the windows.

Alberta’s War Room‏ @AlbertaWarRoom to @CopperScorpion@North_Resists@jkenney

I mean those pigtails are pretty intimidating.

Meryl Colpitts‏ @colpitts_meryl to @AlbertaWarRoom @SpeakUp407 @jkenney

She certainly has more presence than Kenney. The big white man bullying a child, how UCP and ugly

 Jason Collins‏ @JaytheAlbertanto @AlbertaWarRoom @North_Resists @jkenney

Kenny’s supposed to represent our province. But the only thing he’s done is represent his own interests and then run and hide from a 16 year old girl.

🍁Lainey 🍁 🍑 🇨🇦 🐱 🌈‏ @CopperScorpion to @AlbertaWarRoom@North_Resists@jkenney

He’s afraid of a 16-year-old girl!

edo deweert‏ @edodeweert to @cderworiz@GretaThunberg

a courageous and passionate young woman speaks to the nation and won’t let the yellow vesters bully her with their big trucks (and small……)

Avnish Nanda‏ @avnishnanda

It also feels like the entire Edmonton diaspora of a certain age is tuning in online to the climate march here, watching things closely. Really cool!

There are people at this climate march who’ve never attended a march before, people I least expected to come.

Sandy Garossino‏ @Garossino

‏As Jason Kenney desperately pulled down the window-shades, we got a peek into his War Room.

A man too frightened to face a future he hasn’t prepared for & can’t control.

That future arrived today, and the whole country saw Jason Kenney run away.

Sort of looks like Greta opened a can of whoop-ass in Edmonton, forcing Jason Kenney to shutter the windows and run away to announce a new carbon reduction project…

West Coast Lass‏ @Liv_F

Greta’s “been rushed”?

FFS Alberta/oil industry/yellow vest convoy. Be better than that. Greta is one teenage girl. You can disagree with her without touching her. If you can’t, you belong in jail.

ol’ carcajou‏ @olcarcajou

They aren’t better than that.

Avalon Tor‏ @avalontor

That is sick. What positive can they come away with by yelling at a child that is concerned about her future because she’ll still be alive long after they die.

Sally Tubello‏ @sallyjaybird

Jaysus. Thank you to everyone who’s keeping her safe. aLbErTa needs a kick in the truck nuts.

Karyn Mulcahy‏Verified account @KarynMulcahy

Super cool aerial shot from our live feed of the climate protest in downtown

Kelly Cryderman‏Verified account @KellyCryderman

The convoy is also here, and loud

Janet French‏Verified account @Jantafrench

Butal Gulamhusein, climate activist, said she was “spoon fed a myth” in school that everyone benefits when Alberta’s oil industry succeeds. The government prioritizes industry needs over workers and indigenous people, she said.

Dave Mitchell‏ @DMitchellCTV

Dave Cournoyer‏ @davecournoyer

This feels like the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen outside at the Alberta Legislature. Crowd chanting “hey hey, ho ho, Jason Kenney has got to go!”

Laura Shay 🇨🇦‏ @_laurashay

In addition to the “PR disaster,” it sets a disturbing & dangerous precedent. A “convoy” of motorized vehicles should not be used as a tool for “protest.” Especially when – YOUTH – are walking in peaceful demonstration. This is an aggressive & intimidating show of power.

Cursed World Problems (He/Him)‏ @alchahest

It would be… if more than a handful of scared, insecure old white dudes had showed up. There weren’t even enough for the horns of their trucks to be audible.

ViperTwoSix‏ @vipertwosix

The war room, just like all of Kenney’s antics, aren’t about building pipelines. They’re about getting Alberta conservatives angry, donating, and voting. Kenney needs there to be no new pipelines, and he needs the price of oil to stay low. Resentment is his primary tool.

Bruce  🇨🇦‏ @Brucesask

Instead the world sees Rebel media bully a 16 year old, the only govt she has visited in NA deny her existence, and a counter protest to intimidate. Not good to the world view or business investment for a province where it’s open for business

Randall Couteret‏ @RCouteret

I worked in the industry for over 40 years, from cleaning up oils spills to wellsite supervision and at no time have I ever been as embarrassed and disappointed in Alberta and Albertans as I am now. I used to think the rhetoric about Alberta was nonsense.

SandT‏ @SandraTSSM

Exactly. People like Kenny, Ford, Scheer are on the WRONG side of history. My family has been in the sector (oil, gas, auto) for decades and they KNOW it must change.

Julie Ali‏ @JulieYAli

Climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at Edmonton rally | CBC News …

Bunch of grown men acting like bullies and they don’t even know they are bullies: “We’re not there to be bullies.” Glen Carritt said Friday morning.

oz‏ @ohwhatworld_oz

Strange how a child who is only asking to follow the science is such a threat to grown adults.

Rights and Freedoms‏ @AndFreedoms

Thank you. I agree 100%. Even if you don’t agree with her, grown men should not be fighting with a teenage girl. This is not doing Alberta any good at all. We are letting the science-denying idiots dictate how we are seen on the world stage. It’s an embarrassment.

Robbie Kreger-Smith‏ @RKSAlberta

This is a PR nightmare by people who claim they support free speech. This only serves to make us look more out of touch, less engaged, and alienate Alberta further from people we need as allies. You dummies acting like petulant babies are helping further her cause, not stop it.

Michelle Jones‏ @maej43

Looking at the crowd around Greta, standing with her, cheering her on, and drowning out these United We Roll idiots.

Kenney visits natural gas pipeline launch, spurning Thunberg rally by Jason Herring, Oct 18, 2019, Calgary Herald

PARKLAND COUNTY — While thousands of Edmontonians made their way to the legislature grounds for a climate march featuring Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, Premier Jason Kenney headed west of the city to celebrate the launch of a new natural gas pipeline.

TransAlta turned on the taps for its Pioneer Pipeline Friday morning, which will provide natural gas to the company’s power plants in Keephills and Sundance, 75 km west of Edmonton. The 130-km pipeline is part of a conversion of TransAlta’s facilities to natural gas from coal.

Kenney said the pipeline represents a realistic approach to cutting down climate emissions. [But, natural gas, notably frac’d natural gas, has been proven to be as dirty if not dirtier than coal!]

“Here we are opening a gas pipeline that’s going to reduce emissions in Alberta power productions by 50 per cent,” Kenney told reporters. “This is a good day for Alberta jobs, a good day for diversifying our economy and it’s a good day for the environment.”

The premier also threw some jabs at protesters marching alongside Thunberg back in town, saying that their demands would lead to the province’s economic ruin.

“The truth is that the so-called climate strike movement is opposed to natural gas. They’re opposed to zero-emitting nuclear power. They’re opposed to technological solutions. They’re opposed to the entire modern industrial economy,” he said. “Their manifesto essentially calls for shutting down our entire economy. That is not a real solution.”

Though the climate rally was a topic of conversation throughout the pipeline launch event, Kenney said the event had been scheduled for months and it was a coincidence that it was happening at the same time as Thunberg’s Edmonton appearance. [Pffft, using the launch as a handy escape? Besides, easy to postpone a pipeline launch; pipelines are launched regularly all over Alberta]

Still, Kenney addressed protesters, touting Alberta’s ethical and clean production record and questioning the wisdom of rallying in Edmonton instead of in higher-polluting countries like Saudi Arabia.

“If people want to benefit from a modern economy, they have to understand that the power to generate modern conveniences and our standard of living comes from somewhere. You know where that somewhere is? This plant,” Kenney said. “If people feel really passionately that this is a crisis … then I encourage them to make that point in Riyadh, Moscow, Beijing and Caracas.”

Data compiled in 2016 by the International Energy Agency found that Canada has the fourth-highest per capital carbon dioxide emissions globally, behind Saudi Arabia, Australia and the United States.

TransAlta president and CEO Dawn Farrell says that the company plans to eventually fully convert its generating units to natural gas. She says the company will shift three of its existing thermal units away from coal by 2021, with another two conversions by late 2024.

The conversions are estimated to create about 200 construction-related jobs.

“In a very practical way, these plants will serve Albertans as back-ups or baseloads for the next 25–50 years,” Farrell said. “At the same time, more renewables will come in, and we’ll have a very good diversified and balanced system.”

The new pipeline will flow 130 million cubic feet per day, with room to expand to up to 440 million cubic feet per day once TransAlta finishes converting its units. Construction on the pipeline began in November 2018.

Refer also to:

2019 09 27: Climate Strike in Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Approx. 350 walked (big for Corner Brook!). Of course, the “team of supporters” from Bay St George’s / Stephenville were present as well as from Gros Morne. For most kids this was their first “demonstration” and it was fun!

A few photos by Aiden Mahoney included below:

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