Geoff Meggs and George Heyman differ on fracking in Vancouver-Fairview NDP race

Geoff Meggs and George Heyman differ on fracking in Vancouver-Fairview NDP race by Carlito Pablo, October 18, 2012,
They both say they don’t like fracking. What Geoff Meggs and George Heyman intend to do about it is another matter.

Heyman said that if he’s nominated and ultimately elected as the MLA for Vancouver-Fairview, he will try to reverse the B.C. NDP’s favourable stand on fracking. Meggs indicated that he would not rock the boat. Heyman told reporters after the Monday debate that on August 30, less than a month after Horgan said fracking was safe, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission released its report on the “anomalous seismicity” recorded in the Horn River Basin. Located in northeastern B.C., the Horn River Basin is considered the crown jewel of Canada’s gas industry. In its report, the commission concluded that the tremors seen there ranging between 2.2 and 3.8 on the Richter scale were caused by fracking operations. “I’m not proposing that we don’t sell any gas,” Heyman said. “I am proposing that we stop the expansion of new frack wells until we have an appropriate public study on the health impacts, the community impacts, the water impacts, and the climate, greenhouse-gas-emissions impact.”

After the debate, the Straight asked Meggs to clarify his stand on fracking. “The party position is we will allow fracking,” Meggs explained. “I personally don’t like it. I wish we would examine and study it. But I accept that our party has taken a position on it. George [Heyman] is saying he wants to change the party’s position. And while I might prefer a different position, I’m not campaigning to have it changed.” [Emphasis added]

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