Fresh water being trucked in for people living at site of Alberta oil spill

Fresh water being trucked in for people living at site of Alberta oil spill by John Cotter, June 9, 2012, Canadian Press
“You are not allowed to go near the water because it (oil) is washing up on shore. I hope it just passes by in a week or two.” … Plains Midstream Canada estimates as much as 475,000 litres of oil spilled and then leaked into the river. … “We deeply regret any impact this incident may have on local residents,” the news release stated. Randy Westergaard of the Gleniffer Lake Resort is doing his best to deal calmly with a calamity that came as residents prepare for the summer season. The marina has been closed until further notice, as have a number of campsites in the area. The resort includes 750 recreation lots and permanent homes purchased by people who love to go boating, fish, or just enjoy the clean air and pretty views. … “Who is to blame? The government are the ones who gave them approval in the first place. It’s unfortunate it had to happen.” … Redford has said this latest oil spill has raised questions about how oil pipelines are monitored and regulated. She has promised a full investigation and said if there are safety shortfalls the government will make changes. … Closer to Sundre, within a few kilometres of the breached pipeline, a film of black ooze coats grass along the remote shoreline of the river. In pools and puddles away from the main river the oil has pooled, discolouring the water.

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