Frankly Fracking

Frankly Fracking by Helen Rezanowich, Winter 2013, Herizons
I was surprised that a true hero of this blockade story, Lois Frank, was not even mentioned.  Tailfeathers, Jill Crop Eared Wolf and Lois Frank were the three women arrested and charged with intimidation for their courageous blockage, but only Frank fought the charges in court.  The other two women agreed to complete an alternate measures program and the charges against them were dropped. …. Frank defended her right and that of other members of the Blood Tribe to challenge the decision to allow fracking on their territory.  In June 2012, the criminal charges against Lois Frank were finally stayed, and, at the end of October, Frank received the Activist of the Year Award from the Council of Canadians for her courageous work in protesting fracking.

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