Fracking “maximizes the environmental impact”

Schlumberger outlines future roadmap for fracking by John Kemp, Reuters, April 20, 2012, Calgary Herald
So far the approach has been based on brute force: employing ever-increasing amounts of horsepower, fracking fluid and sand to wring natural gas and oil from previously inaccessible tight rock formations in a manner that is wasteful, expensive and maximizes the environmental impact. [emphasis added] … Excessive amounts of horsepower and water are applied in “massive frack” jobs, creating fracture networks much deeper than can be propped open and where the unpropped part of the network makes little or no contribution to production. … But Kibsgaard’s speech suggests the technology is still in its infancy, with plenty more potential to slash costs and improve efficiency as the industry replaces brute-force with a more sophisticated approach.

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