Fracking industry shouldn’t decide whether it is safe

Fracking industry shouldn’t decide whether it is safe by Kathy Hartman, August 27, 2013, The Coloradoan
In 2008, my husband, age 52, died of lung cancer. He started smoking cigarettes at 14, quit many times, kicked the addiction in his 30s. Cigarettes are addicting and cause cancer because big tobacco enhanced the nicotine and added as many as 7000 chemicals. Cigarettes were promoted as safe by actor physicians advertising their favorites. In 2013, after reviewing secret documents, researchers confirmed that big tobacco had intentionally misled the public for more than 50 years. They recommended tobacco companies never be allowed to participate in public health decision-making. Today the fracking industry is invading with similar tactics. They make the rules and enforce regulations. They say there’s no groundwater pollution as we read about arsenic and heavy metal contamination in Texas; methane, ethane and propane in Wyoming groundwater; methane contamination in 85 percent of groundwater well samples near Pennsylvania drill sites. On Colorado’s official website, you’ll find regular groundwater and surface water contamination reports.  I want an equal right to have accurate, unbiased information before drilling starts here. I want the right for communities to have unbiased experts sit at the table. I’m concerned about the health of our children and those yet to be born; I’m concerned about our most vulnerable. [Emphasis added]

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