Fracking debate continues in Ohio

Fracking debate continues in Ohio by Bob Downing, Saturday, September 1, 2012, Akron Beacon Journal
AKRON, Ohio — A new grass-roots movement across Ohio aims to convince lawmakers to once again allow local governments to decide whether to allow hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and oil in their communities. The new effort is being coordinated by 16 Ohio groups with strong Akron, Canton and Medina leadership. … “Fracking the shale to extract oil and gas is a highly industrialized process that turns residential and farming communities into industrial zones. Our communities should have the right to decide what happens in their community and whether or not that is what they want,” said Concerned Citizens Ohio member Gwen Fischer, a Hiram resident. The state took control from local communities in 2004 with passage of House Bill 278. Until then, local control had been involved. Today that control rests solely with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. … “Citizens are waking up. Local elected officials are waking up. People are tired of being pushed around, led around, and given the run-around by corporations. Corporations have not been given permission to tell us what to do or how we should run our cities, villages, and townships. The lack of local control is an assault on ‘we the people’s’ right to protect our own community politically, economically and environmentally,” said Plain Township Trustee Lou Giavasis.

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