Fracking causes serious health and environmental problems – report

Fracking causes serious health and environmental problems – report by New Europe Online, Energy, September 20, 2012
According to FoEE, “increased evidence shows fracking is an unambiguously high-risk activity that threatens human health and the wider environment. The high risk of water contamination, and air pollution with hazardous chemicals, are both recognised in a recent European Commission study”. Antoine Simon, shale gas campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe says “fossil fuels like shale gas are unconventional and unwanted – they threaten the health of local communities, and the environment. … The report comes after the European Parliament’s environment committee voted for a resolution on shale gas and fracking on 19 September, which said that shale gas exploration, which although a member state issue, should adhere to the highest environmental standards, and be carried out with full transparency. … In a statement after the vote, which was overwhelmingly in favour of the resolution, Linda McAvan, a centre-left MEP from the UK said that “We should make sure that strict regulation is in place before – and not after – shale gas development starts”. “Unlike in the USA, where they went ahead without first making sure fracking would be safe, we need to ensure there are robust rules to protect health and the environment before we start fracking. “We want to make sure that any shale gas company which is looking to operate in the EU knows that they will have to meet the highest environmental standards. There should be a ban on fracking in sensitive areas, and all fracking should be subject to an environmental impact asssessment – which would also guarantee proper public participation in planning decisions made by local authorities”. [Emphasis added]

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