Fracking and Psychological Operations: Empire Comes Home

Fracking and Psychological Operations: Empire Comes Home by Steve Horn, March 8, 2012, Truth-out
The militarization of public and community relations efforts by the natural gas industry can be seen quite clearly through these alarming excerpts from these three presentations. The reason for militarization is quite clear, though uncomfortable to confront. By its very nature, the gas industry is in the midst of what can most accurately be described as systematic and well-planned “resource colonialism,” invading communities and extracting their resources, often even displacing citizens from their homes and taking over their property. Militarization is but a logical progression in a scheme of this sort…. The 2010 scandal that took place in Pennsylvania, in which its state-level Department of Homeland Security was caught placing anti-fracking activists on terrorist watch lists and outsourcing the spying efforts to an Israel-based private security firm.

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