Fracking affecting water pressure, homeowner says

Fracking affecting water pressure, homeowner says by Casey Junkins, August 4, 2013, The Herald-Star
VALLEY GROVE – Ray Crow has no problem with natural gas drillers taking water for fracking operations, but he would like to have enough water to shave each morning. “We had no water at all in the lines for 14 days. Now, we have just a little bit,” said Crow, who lives along Shelby Lane, roughly halfway between Triadelphia and Valley Grove along National Road. “Just today, we got a little bit of pressure. “It’s hard after awhile when you can’t wash clothes. We shouldn’t have to pay $30 to go to the laundromat when we also have to pay the water bill,” he said. “I have lived here all my life and nothing like this has ever happened.” Crow said his water comes from the Valley Grove Water Department, rather than the Ohio County Public Service District. He said Valley Grove officials made a deal with Chesapeake Energy to supply the company with fracking water, which he said is sucking the lines dry. “The guy with Chesapeake said they made a deal with Valley Grove to buy as much water as they want – and that they are going to do it,” Crow said. …When asked about the Valley Grove water situation, Chesapeake spokeswoman Jacque Bland said the company was “still doing some research into this issue,” noting there would be no further comment Tuesday.

Valley Grove Mayor Chad Kleeh said the village has an oral agreement to sell water to Chesapeake for fracking, though he declined to disclose further information about the deal. “I am aware of the problems these customers are having, and I am working to solve the problems,” Kleeh said. “We will do the best we can.” Ohio County Commissioner Orphy Klempa said he was aware of the water problems along National Road. “The last I heard, Chesapeake was doing something to provide them with water,” he said. Crow said as of Tuesday he had not received any water from Chesapeake, noting he has been purchasing some bottled water. … Crow said he is just looking to get his water service back to normal. He also believes Chesapeake should get more of its water from Wheeling because the Friendly City has more capacity to provide it than does Valley Grove.

“I know it may never get back to being what it was, but we have to get something,” Crow said. “Right now, we are collecting the condensation from our air conditioners to flush the commodes.” [Emphasis added]

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