Former Gas Workers: Fracking Caused Health Problems and is Harmful to Environment

Former Gas Workers: Fracking Caused Health Problems by Shannon Lins, April 26, 2013,
Former natural gas drillers gathered in the Southern Tier Friday night to say fracking has been harmful to their health. A group of doctors and former workers spoke to a crowd in Bath. They say hydraulic fracturing is harmful to the environment and to the people involved with it.. So the group wants to stop drilling from coming to New York. One worker says he has severe health problems that he never did before working in the gas field.

“This is dangerous stuff,” said Mac Sawyer. “It’s not safe, it wrecks. Once it’s polluted, it’s done and it’s never going to be right again.”

“I think it’s a wake up call to anybody up here that thinks their health isn’t going to be impacted by this industry if it comes into New York,” said Jack Ossont of The Coalition to Protect New York. [Emphasis added]

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