Fascism And Contemporary Canada. Locating The Present Conservative Government Led By Stephen Harper. Part Five. Capitalist Fascism or Democratic Socialism

Fascism And Contemporary Canada. Locating The Present Conservative Government Led By Stephen Harper. Part Five. Capitalist Fascism or Democratic Socialism by Robin Mathews, October 10, 2013

At the present, in Canada, it’s fascism, Conservative government style. Built on a mountain of lies. [In a democracy fascism has to be built on a mountain of lies.]

The first lie is the hardest to see, the biggest – The Killer – “there is no climate change that matters”.

From there … the other lies and lying actions spring. Win power by election fraud. Muzzle scientists. Destroy regulation (especially environmental legislation). Attack critics, call them terrorists. Undermine unions. Castrate Parliament. Fund corrupt cronies. Rape the environment. Make secret, foreign, super-Capitalist treaties. Buy toadies – fill the PMO, the cabinet, the Senate, the courts with toadies. They’re easy to find, cheap to buy. Buy who you need. And lie ….

It works. For awhile it works. And then …. And then from the pollution lakes of the Tar Sands, from methane gas seeping from conventional oil and fracking site leaks all over Canada, from corporate offices of the Big Six banks, from the whispering elevators carrying executives to top corner offices on Bay Street, from the stench of the Prime Minister’s Office, the freakshow of the Senate, from the waste baskets of the failed Opposition Parties a concept, a phrase not at all new, not at all planned to appear … surfaces … resurfaces. Truth begins to dawn – and with it – a need for different language.

In British Columbia the catastrophic, mind-blowing, Alice-in-Wonderland, George Orwellian, rationally planned collapse of the New Democratic Party in the 2013 election unleashed the concept, the phrase, a little faster in B.C. than elsewhere. For in British Columbia the fraud of fascism hit very hard.

The fraud of fascism – government in the hands of private, greed-driven corporations supported by police and the courts – took on real meaning. “Buy us”, the NDP said. “We’re for sale. We’re cheap. See, we’re not even fighting. We refuse to mention your role in B.C. corruption. We’re yours. Please ….”

“Oh,” … said a hardly noticeable little man standing on the sidelines, a man called Chuck Marcks, “… that’s what Social Democrats like the NDP always do. They join fascism … and always have.”

So they’re all gone into fascism in Canada: Conservatives, Liberals, NDP. And the good Green leader hasn’t named the key concept, hasn’t said the phrase: Democratic Socialism. The dare word is out: Socialism. The word condemned for sixty years is out and about, alive and vital, like green grass growing between the dark planks of Conservative government fascism, between Liberal non-promises, between highway signs saying the NDP wants bland, do-nothing, good-mannered disagreement. The phrase has been uttered in British Columbia in what is, maybe, a first, fledgling organization: “The Vancouver Ecosocialists Group”. Ecology and Socialism.

It’s that simple, that complicated. The Capitalist system has rotted and rotted into Global Fascism … with a hundred names. In Canada it has rotted into the present Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. U.S. ‘Democracy’ is Capitalist Fascism. Chinese ‘Communism’ is Capitalist Fascism. And so it goes … with a hundred names: the One Per Cent, “Globalization”, “Outsourcing to Slave Economies”, Free Trade, The Bilderberg Group, the IMF, FIPPA, TPP, NAFTA, CETA, NATO ….

The phrase “Democratic Socialism” is small. The concept is large. It means a whole system change. Capitalism – unleashed, freed, unregulated, concentrated, brutalized, militarized – rules the planet. Capitalist fascism is destroying the planet. It is destroying human life on the planet. Now.

Climate change is Capitalism at work. Tar Sands rot is Capitalism at work. African wars are Capitalism at work. U.S. ‘Democracy’ is Capitalism at work. Chinese ‘Communism’ is Capitalism at work. Canadian Conservatism is Colonized Capitalism. All are fascist or the bedfellows of fascism. Just look at them.

Democratic Socialism means a complete system change – means the last thread of hope against Global Warming, against the end of human life on the planet. Democratic Socialism means rule by the One Hundred Per Cent. It means a planet that can scrape by, can survive while all the adjustments (and technologies) are pursued that can free earth and support human population on it … maybe just in time.

In Canada … begin. Destroy Election Fraud which means destroy the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. And move on from there. Move on from the present Conservative government in Canada … and from the possible others that would do almost the same as that government. Move on to Democratic Socialism … while there is time.

It’s that simple; that complicated. Choose Capitalist fascism with the present Conservative government led by Stephen Harper and choose the death of human life on the planet. Or choose Democratic Socialism.

It’s that simple.

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